Welcome Mohamed Kante. to the Cluster Digital Africa !


Welcome Mohamed Kante. to the Cluster Digital Africa !

Dear Mohamed,

We are thrilled to welcome you as an Ambassador to the Cluster Digital Africa. Your contribution as an Engineering Technologist in building the AI-driven ecosystem is invaluable to our community.

As an Ambassador and member of the Scientific Council of the CDA, you embody the spirit of innovation and collaboration that drives our cluster. Your expertise in technology will play a crucial role in shaping an inclusive and prosperous digital future for Africa.

Additionally, as a member of the CDA teams in the United States, you bring a global perspective to our organization, thereby strengthening our reach and impact internationally.

We look forward to working with you to explore new opportunities, develop strategic partnerships, and promote technological excellence across the continent.

Welcome to the Cluster Digital Africa family, where every voice matters and every contribution makes a significant difference. Together, we are stronger and more resilient.

Feel free to share your ideas, projects, and aspirations with us. We are here to support you on your journey and help you achieve your goals.

Once again, welcome aboard, Mohamed! We are excited to have you with us.


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Join us to contribute to Africa’s development and explore new opportunities together.


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