Empowering Mali’s Youth: A Collective Commitment


Empowering Mali’s Youth: A Collective Commitment


In a resounding display of commitment to the future, numerous members of Cluster Digital Africa actively participated in the States-General of Youth, a pivotal event culminating in a spirited closing ceremony at Bamako’s International Conference Center.


While the President of Cluster Digital Africa, unfortunately, couldn’t be present physically, he extends heartfelt appreciation to all involved, particularly under the esteemed leadership of President Colonel Assimi Goïta. The ceremony, presided over by President Goïta, witnessed a significant moment as recommendations from Mali’s youth were formally presented to the President by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdoul Kassim Ibrahim Fomba.


This collaborative engagement underscores our dedication to empowering the youth of Mali. As Cluster Digital Africa, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting initiatives that uplift and amplify the voices of the next generation.


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