Cluster Digital Africa - A platform for collective intelligence and co-construction, utilizing dig


Cluster Digital Africa -

A platform for collective intelligence and co-construction, utilizing digital technology for the development of the African continent.


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The mission of Cluster Digital Africa is centered around using digital technology as a catalyst for change. Our ambition is to tackle African challenges by making digital technology a driving force. We aim to restore Africa's image as a leader in innovation by bringing together actors from the continent, Europe, and around the world. Our goal is to create innovative technological solutions to address major challenges.

Why Cluster Digital Africa?

Africa, with its dynamic youth, is at the heart of the global digital revolution. Our bold vision is to reposition Africa as a global leader in digital innovation. By bringing together local and international actors, we seek to create technological solutions to address major challenges.

Our mission revolves around fundamental values and specific objectives:

Energize the African digital landscape.

Promote the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

Advocate for equitable access to quality education.

Spotlight African talents.

Support governments in their digitization processes.

Organize events to exchange best practices.

Contribute to Sustainable Development Goals.

Discover the solutions implemented by CDA for the populations:

SediSpace: ALL in ONE!

An innovative social network with free, inclusive features accessible to all social strata.


A video conferencing solution with unprecedented features.


Functionality for innovative events.


Secure and fast file sharing.


Alternative fundraising for various projects.

Union Global Academy:

A socially-oriented school created in 2019, offering diploma and certification programs online or in person. Accompanied by certified coaches and a free digital library.

Digital in the Service of Health:

Projects in the health sector using telemedicine, mobile applications, and tracking devices to ensure access to healthcare for all. Innovative health center project in Mali.

Inter-regional Digital Summit in Africa (SIN AFRICA):

CDA's flagship event organized exclusively on our platforms, addressing topics such as Artificial Intelligence.

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