Dive into CDA's Solutions on SediSpace: A Universe of Possibilities!


Dive into CDA's Solutions on SediSpace: A Universe of Possibilities!

Explore the innovative initiatives and impactful solutions by Cluster Digital Africa (CDA) on SediSpace, providing a myriad of free tools and features to support Africans in their social and professional development.

SediSpace - A Free Social Network:
A groundbreaking social network created by CDA with technical support from the FAMIB Group. This platform, available in various African languages and dialects, is inclusive and accessible to all social strata.

???? SediBlon - Video Conferencing Functionality:
SediBlon is an innovative video conferencing solution integrated with the SediSpace social network. It offers unique features such as document importation, live polls, private meetings, accommodating up to 1000 participants, up to 8 hours of conference recording, real-time shared notes, and more—all for free.

???? SediEvent - E-Event Functionality:
Empower your events with SediEvent, allowing users to bring innovation to their events, providing exceptional visibility. Enjoy features like virtual ticket generation (free or paid), access to a dashboard, organization of meetings, product launches, webinars, creation of speaker profiles, biographies, articles, and instant incident reporting at event locations—all for free.

???? SediTransfert - File Sharing Functionality:
SediTransfert acts as the perfect bridge between your needs and technology. With a few clicks, it allows the seamless transfer of documents, images, videos, and more directly from the SediSpace platform. Prioritizing security, the tool ensures the protection of transferred data, only accessible by chosen recipients.

???? SediDeme - Fundraising Functionality:
SediDeme introduces an alternative financing tool that bypasses traditional channels, seeking financial resources from internet users to fund diverse projects (cultural, artistic, entrepreneurial, social, etc.). Individuals, businesses, associations, or local authorities can launch their crowdfunding projects on CDA, attracting attention from mentors, institutions, media, brands, and co-creation actors who passionately support and select the best creative or innovative projects for potential investors.

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