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Welcome to Cluster Digital Africa: Where Innovation Meets Vision

At the dawn of a new era, we present to you our guide, our visionary, our catalyst for change - Amadou DIAWARA, President of Cluster Digital Africa. In his presence, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, the vision becomes reality, and innovation becomes a reality for Africa.

Amadou DIAWARA: A Leader at the Crossroads of Worlds

He is more than just a president. Amadou DIAWARA, a Knight of the National Order, embodies the quintessence of excellence. His life is a symphony where Malian culture and French sophistication converge to create a melody that resonates across the African continent. This dual cultural heritage has shaped his mind, fueled his passion for connectivity, and transformed him into an unparalleled visionary.

Master of Digital Transformation

Amadou DIAWARA is a virtuoso of digital transformation. With an MBA in IT Project Management and a dazzling array of certifications, he is the maestro of his field. His expertise is a source of inspiration for all those aspiring to greatness in the digital realm.

An Entrepreneurial Hero

His journey has taken him through the mazes of international corporations, but in 2010, he chose to return to Mali and make his mark. The Groupe Famib, a company he founded over thirteen years ago, is the epicenter of IT innovation, redefining business operations worldwide.

The Beacon of African Innovation

At the helm of Cluster Digital Africa, Amadou DIAWARA conducts a symphony of collective intelligence and co-creation. This platform brings together the brightest minds, digital pioneers, and innovators from across the continent to foster innovation, collaboration, and prosperity through technology.

The Composer of the Future

Amadou DIAWARA is the composer of the future. He led UNION GLOBAL Academy, a hybrid university that blends tradition and modernity in higher education. The Professional Training Center CIRTIC, under his guidance, is a laboratory of technological innovation.

The Hybride Health Clinic: Serving Healthcare

As a co-founder of the Hybride Health Clinic, Amadou DIAWARA and his physician wife are revolutionizing healthcare. Their high-quality medical care, available in person or remotely, embodies the future of medicine.

The Chief Innovator

He is also the co-founder of Digital Frameworks, an agency guiding organizations on their digital journey. His vision has given rise to Xaalisi Cryptomoney, a new era in financial transactions.

SediSpace: The Ultimate Digital Ecosystem

SediSpace, the social network he created, is the harmony of innovation. From online event organization platforms to the digital library, SediSpace is a composition of digital solutions for a better world.

Amadou DIAWARA is at the forefront of technological innovation and digital transformation in Africa. His businesses and initiatives are the notes that compose the symphony of the future, a symphony we all write together.

Join us in this extraordinary journey, where innovation and vision intertwine to create a prosperous future for Africa. With Amadou DIAWARA at the helm, the future is promising and brilliant.